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Nouqa Langues Institut offers french adults lessons for foreign adults in order to acquire a very good level of oral and written french during the training.


Group Lessons in French : you will be offered 21hours training program ( written and oral) face to face in groups, for 3 hours session in our premises or remotely or in your premises : Each training assignment will be determined because Nouqa Langues Institut adapts to your schedule.


Groups Lessons allow each learner during these training sessions to develop their vocabulary and linguistic reflexes in order to express themselves in french in your professional and personnal environment.


Nouqa Langues Institut undertakes to carry out assessments of each learner at the start/end of the lessons in order to show your progress and advice to continue your progress.

Nouqa Langues Institut provides online tools for monitoring very effective learners.


Nouqa Langues Institut proceeds with a fun method during this french language training.This method will give each learner the opportunity to be more efficient in France and above all bilingual in French.

At the end of the training,thanks to the fun method, each learner is able to converse in French and to express themselves in writting as well.


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Number One Unique Quality Always : The pleasure of learning for Professional






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